Hear from the widows whose lives we have impacted

I was married for 28 years. Two years ago my husband died from a very bad disease. I have three sons, and they have abandoned me, blaming me for his death because of bad 'karma'. I have no house to live in, but I am blessed to currently be allowed to sleep in an abandoned home; however, it is in poor condition. If our Father is willing and you are able to build an Ashram [widows’ home], I will have a home and rejoice, enjoying a new life in the Ashram.
Sister E
I was married 50 years ago and had two sons and a daughter. Everyone in my family are Hindus. I went blind 10 years ago after a stroke, which was considered to be bad luck. My husband was bitten by a cobra in the rice fields and died six years ago. After that, everyone abandoned me. No one is taking care of me. I became a believer, and now even my neighbors consider me cursed. If I have an Ashram [widows’ home] to live in with my 'sisters', I will have no fear of living as I do now, out in the open.
Sister C
Sixty years ago I was married; I have two sons and a daughter. My husband died 15 years ago. I have no house to live in and my family has totally abandoned me because they do not want to see my face, which they say is a curse to them. I am thanking you so much for feeding me with your precious gifts of food and provisions each month. I am staying with neighbors or friends as I am able and they are willing, but I dream of having a permanent home with my widowed sisters who share my faith.
Sister K